Everyone loves the beaches on Maui, making it one of the world’s top destinations for visitors, as well as making it a wonderful place to call home. If you’re a frequent beach-goer, are you also taking precautions to protect your skin while getting sun exposure? Here are some tips to help maintain good moisture and care for your skin at and after Maui beach excursions:

  1. Cover up and limit direct sun exposure. Use a beach umbrella, SPF swimwear, etc to limit your skin’s exposure to harsh rays.
  2. Use sunscreen — reef safe sunscreen, that is! Our island is surrounded by living corals whose environment has been harmed by chemicals in the ocean, including many sunscreens. Recently Hawaii banned certain sunscreens, so be sure to bring a reef-friendly sunscreen on your trip and any time you go to the beach.
  3. Go to the beach earlier or later in the day to avoid the midday sun. Many people are surprised at how quickly they burn between 11am and 2pm on Maui!
  4. Schedule regular spa facials, body cocoons, and massage therapy to return moisture to your skin after beach days. Mix it up – one spa service every week sounds divine!
  5. Skip the beach entirely and get a spray tan on Maui!