June 2021

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Massage meltdown… is the meltdown you need❣️ Call us at Beauty Spa Maui for a soothing professional full body massage tailored to your needs. ⁠ ⁠

Call or text us at 808.879.9944 for massage appointments Monday-Saturday. Relax… You’re in good hands at Beauty Spa Maui.

Call ahead – Advance reservations required – Same day bookings are rare!⁠

Have a beautiful Maui day!⁠


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Summer Skin Rejuvenation


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Don’t be shy… Does your skin need moisture?

Spending long hours in the sun can leave skin needing moisture. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your skin after spending time at the beach or pool on Maui. As the soothing oils are massaged into your skin, you will enter a state of relaxation. Let go… sink deeper. It’s okay if you start to fall asleep. Your massage therapist will gently communicate when it’s time to flip over […]

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April 2019

Kihei Maui Massage Therapy


Relax, You’re in Professional Hands!

Are you ready to completely relax into the hands of our professional, licensed massage therapists? Enjoy complimentary aromatherapy with your massage, along with an herbal heating pack for your back, plus a warm towel compress for your feet.

Enjoy a spa massage treatment today at our Kihei Maui massage studio. While you’re here, you may also want to book a manicure or get your hair styled! We are also proud to known as Maui’s Best Facial!

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